About us

Image is everything for a brand, appearance is fundamental, maybe as much as the servie's quality or the products. Kerned Studio, backed by years of experience and thankful to the always up-to-date technologies and instruments - is able to customize an image to your brand, from the logo to the website design and devlopment through print, to make your business succeed and stand out.


Kerned Studio srl it's a photo-graphic studio, highly specialized and well known internationally.

Our strongest points are photoretouch and photo-editing which makes us shine amongst all the European studios (but not only) with worldwide famed clients

Within our specialization there is certainly Branding Design that made us well know internationally, with works and publications spreaded between U.S.A. and China, passing through UK and many other countries


We help you understand who you and your business are, why it matters and how to visually define it

We had the pleasure to work with some fantastic clients. Here are a selected few

Thel team

is made by highly specialized, well known professionals; amongst them we can find Photoshop Experts, teachers and publishing editors

Our works

have been studied in thesis, appeared in TV and in collective shows in New York likewise inside the Rome Senate Library. They also have been published in numerous international magazines and books, like:


  • Corporate Identity, Zeixs
  • Graphic Design, Zeixs
  • Logo 3/4, Zeixs
  • Stationery, IndexBoox
  • Type, Index Book
  • BranD, TheIllustrati and many more!

Kerned Studio srl

Alessio Grassi


Kerned Studio srl

Dario Calonaci




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Italy - 50129

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